The Virginia Birth Expo began with your family in mind...

Tiffany Shank, owner of Virginia is for Doulas and founder of the Virginia Birth Expo, began this educational event to help new and growing families connect with resources, experts, businesses, products and anything that might help make their journey from " we're having a baby" to " we have a baby to care for" as easy as possible. Each year the event grows and improves and we hope you stick around each year. Bring your plans one year, your belly the next and then your little ones each year after that.


Pick your location!

The 3rd Annual Virginia Birth Expo will be featured in three locations for 2018: Fairfax, Winchester and Charlottesville! Each location has resources, classes, workshop instructors, businesses, products and goodies all located near you for relevance, ease and convenience.



Pick Your Ticket!

All Access Pass VIP - Premium - General ticket

Each event has three ticket levels available. Our most valuable ticket includes a class pertaining to pregnancy, childbirth or parenting with a list of classes for you to choose one of! It also includes a swag bag, early access to the entire event, access to workshops, vendors and raffle tickets are also included. The VIP ticket includes a swag bag and access to the workshops, vendors, and the raffle! The premium ticket includes a swag bag and access to our workshops. General entrance is free for all attendees who simply want to experience the vendors and raffle. 


Prepare with Experts You Can Trust!

The All access Pass VIP

Are you looking for a fun way to prepare for your journey to parenting? Wondering who will help you prepare for your pregnancy, birth or parenting journey in a non-judgmental, evidence based way? Your ticket will include a steal of a deal for one with VIP only sessions! Want to prepare for pregnancy and birth with your partner? Our VIP sessions and regular sessions are perfect for you! These classes are taught by vetted experts in the pregnancy and parenting fields! In addition your ticket includes a carrier from either MOBY/ERGO/BOBA/TULA and an upgraded Swag Bag.


Take Home Valuable Products

the virginia birth expo Raffl- open to all

With amazing products from places like Earth Mama Angel Baby, local massage businesses, local chiropractors, Tula, Ergo Baby, Boogie Wipes, Carters, Burts Bees, and more you can throw your $1 ticket in the raffle buckets for a chance to win products that you will not want to miss out on!


Connect With Your Community

There is nothing more valuable than meeting families who are going through what you are going through! The expo brings to gather Virginia families and connects them with each other and valuable businesses and experts that are around them.


Three Years of Excellence 

The virginia birth expo

Founded in 2015 the Virginia Birth Expo surpasses their expectations and goals each year they come together to support the community and families in it. Bringing valuable resources and connection to Fairfax, Winchester and Charlottesville, year after year!


Mark your Calendar!

Fairfax - April 8, 2018
Charlottesville- August 19, 2018
Winchester - September 15, 2018

Mark your calendar once you have purchased your ticket so that you can attend the expo nearest you! Invite friends, family or just come alone to learn and connect. Share with your community what you are most excited about in regards to the 3rd Annual Virginia Birth Expo!





For ticket information:

Visit the Fairfax ExpoWinchester Expo or the Charlottesville Expo page for details on your local event, how to get tickets, and what your ticket will include!


Plans. Bellies. Babies. Toddlers.

For ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS please reach out to the team!