I'm Not Pregnant, Will I Benefit From the Expo?

In short, yes! The Virginia Birth Expo's focus is pregnancy AND parenting. As we start our journey to parenting, there is so much to do and plan and think about. The VBE allows new families to adapt, learn, grow, connect and feel prepared for the arrival of their first little one. 

The Virginia Birth Expo also allows second time, third time etc. parents to learn new tips and tricks, connect with resources and enjoy a day in the community connecting with resources that are intended for families who already have little ones!

Join the expo with a VIP all access ticket to get an Ergo Baby Carrier and enjoy our morning sessions dedicated to VIP ticket holders. Spend the afternoon enjoying the exhibitors, henna, raffle, and any one of our 4 workshops.

The expo is available to new and experienced families and you can utilize the expo in a way that best fits your parenting needs.

Tiffany Shank